Maji et al. (2022) accepted for publication

“Predicting LyC emission of galaxies using their physical and Lyα emission properties” by Moupiya Maji et al. has been accepted for publication in A&A. This work uses the SPHINX simulations to study what observational properties can be used to predict the escaping luminosity of ionising Lyman-continuum (LyC) radiation from galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization, which is by itself very difficult to estimate observationally. A strong correlation between Lyman-alpha (Lyα) and Lyman-continuum escape fractions is found in Lya-bright galaxies is found, as in observations of low-redshift galaxies, and these Lya-bright galaxies are found to be the ones that predominantly reionize the Universe. However, this correlation breaks down in Lya-dim galaxies. The most important predictors of LyC luminosity are found to be Lyα luminosity, galaxy gas mass, galaxy metallicity, and star formation rate.