SPHINX papers

The SPHINX cosmological simulations of the first billion years: the impact of binary stars on reionization
J Rosdahl, H Katz, J Blaizot, T Kimm, L Michel-Dansac, T Garel, M Haehnelt, P Ocvirk, R Teyssier
MNRAS (2018)  —  ADS —  arXiv:1801.07259

How to quench a dwarf galaxy: The impact of inhomogeneous reionization on dwarf galaxies and cosmic filaments
H Katz, M Ramsoy, J Rosdahl, T Kimm, J Blaizot, M Haehnelt, L Michel-Dansac, T Garel, C Laigle, J Devriendt, A Slyz
MNRAS (2020)  —  ADS —  arXiv:1905:11414

Lyman-α as a tracer of cosmic reionisation in the SPHINX radiation-hydrodynamics cosmological simulation
T Garel,  J Blaizot,  J Rosdahl,  L Michel-Dansac,  M Haehnelt,  H Katz,  T Kimm,  A Verhamme
MNRAS (2021)  —  ADS —  arXiv:1905:11414

Cosmological Magnetogenesis: The Biermann Battery during the Epoch of Reionization
O Attia, R Teyssier, H Katz, T Kimm, S Martin-Alvarez, P Ocvirk, J Rosdahl
MNRAS (2021)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2102.09535

Introducing SPHINX-MHD: The Impact of Primordial Magnetic Fields on the First Galaxies, Reionization, and the Global 21cm Signal
H Katz, S Martin-Alvarez, J Rosdahl, T Kimm, J Blaizot, M Haehnelt, L Michel-Dansac, T Garel, J Oñorbe, J Devriendt, A Slyz, O Attia, R Teyssier
MNRAS (2021)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2102.09535

The Nature of High [OIII]/[CII] Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization: Low Carbon Abundance and a Top-Heavy IMF?
H Katz, J Rosdahl, T Kimm, T Garel, J Blaizot, MG Haehnelt, L Michel-Dansac, S Martin- Alvarez, J Devriendt, A Slyz A, R Teyssier, P Ocvirk, N Laporte N & R Ellis.
MNRAS (2022)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2108.01074

Predicting LyC emission of galaxies using their physical and Lyα emission properties
M Maji, A Verhamme, J Rosdahl, T Garel, J Blaizot, V Mauerhofer, M Pittavino, MV Feser, M Chuniaud, T Kimm, H Katz, & M Haehnelt.
A&A (2022)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2204.02440

Mg II in the JWST Era: a Probe of Lyman Continuum Escape?
H Katz, T Garel, J Rosdahl, V Mauerhofer, T Kimm, J Blaizot, L Michel-Dansac, J Devriendt, A Slyz A,
& M Haehnelt.
MNRAS (2022)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2205.11534

LyC escape from SPHINX galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization
J Rosdahl, J Blaizot, H Katz, T Kimm, T Garel, MHaehnelt, LC Keating, S Martin-Alvarez, L Michel-Dansac, & P Ocvirk.
MNRAS (2022)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2207.03232

Two modes of LyC escape from bursty star formation: implications for [C II] deficits and the sources of reionization
H Katz, A Saxena, J Rosdahl, T Kimm, J Blaizot, T Garel, L Michel-Dansac, M Haehnelt, RS Ellis, L Penterrici, J Devriendt, & A Slyz.
MNRAS (2023)  —  ADS —  arXiv:2210.01956

The Physics of Indirect Estimators of Lyman Continuum Escape and their Application to High-Redshift JWST Galaxies
N Choustikov, H Katz, A Saxena, AJ Cameron, J Devriendt, A Slyz, J Rosdahl, J Blaizot, & L Michel-Dansac.
Submitted to MNRAS (2023)  —  arXiv:2304.08526

The SPHINX public data release: forward modelling high-redshift JWST observations with cosmological radiation hydrodynamics simulations
H Katz, J Rosdahl, T Kimm, J Blaizot, N Choustikov, M Farcy, T Garel, M Haehnelt, L Michel-Dansac, & P Ocvirk.
The Open Journal of Astrophysics (2023) — ADS —  arXiv:2309.03269

The Great Escape: Understanding the Connection Between Lyman alpha Emission and LyC Escape in Simulated JWST Analogues
N Choustikov, H Katz, A Saxena, T Garel, J Devriendt, A Slyz, T Kimm, J Blaizot, & J Rosdahl.
Submitted to MNRAS (2024) — ADS —  arXiv:2401.09667